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Following the conclusion of the action-packed and fun-filled trip to York (lots of pics & vids can be found on Facebook), this poem sums things up perfectly:

Our Grand Old Trip To York

This is a poem about York ‘17
Possibly the best trip there ever has been.
With Mr Wilson in charge and 44 following along,
What on earth could possibly go wrong?

We met at 6.50am on 23rd May,
We awoke to what was a beautiful day.
The sun was shining so wakening was no bother at all,
(Well maybe it was for Simone – Thankfully Diana gave her a call).

With everyone gathered at check-in there was just one last thing to do,
Give each pupil a cap so we could tell they were part of our crew.
Travel groups sorted, passports in hand,
We walked through the airport like a marching band.

We touched down in Manchester and gave the pilot a clap,
Now unto the bus to take a ‘wee nap’.
Leeds Armouries was our first scheduled stop of the day,
Well actually it was second as we all had a cheeky ‘Subway’.

At the Armouries we viewed swords and every type of Axe,
But we had to keep going as our itinerary was packed to the max.
It wasn’t until after we had decided to disperse,
That Lucy realised she had forgotten her purse.

Next stop Emmerdale – Mr P was first off the bus,
He was straight into the gift shop and caused a tremendous fuss.
We visited ‘The Dingle’s home’, ‘David’s shop’ as well as ‘Beauty and Bernice’,
Before finishing in ‘The Woolpack’ for the final show piece.

Half way through Day 1 and the adults were beat,
We pulled into ‘Days Inn Weatherby’ to kick up our feet.
We found out our rooms and settled into our new abode,
Then half an hour later we were back on the road.

Our first tea of the week was under the golden arches of McD’s,
Bit if any parents asked, we had ‘Meat and Veggies’.
Next stop bowling where Mr Wilson came into his own,
His technique resembled a certain Mr Fred Flintstone.

Day 1 activities over and our legs were like lead,
Mrs Pyper and Mr P got all the children to bed.
They then started the process of putting devices on charge.
They thought this was a small job, but it turned out to be large.

Day 2 was the Dungeons where a man cut off a head with a knife,
Maria, Eoin and Amy clung to Mr P for dear life.
Another spectacular experience proved lots of fun,
Mrs Pyper was annoyed that she had missed out on the sun.

After walking around York, down the steps of Jorvik we did climb,
We then boarded the slowest rollercoaster of all time.
We learnt how the Vikings used to wheel and deal,
Then back to the hotel for our evening meal.

Day 2 concluded with a ghost walk of York City,
We didn’t see any ghosts though, which was a great pity.
We played a prank on some people who were having a night out,
The ghost walk was a highlight, without a shadow of doubt!

Everyone woke bright and breezy ready for day 3 to begin,
Apart from Mrs Pyper who enjoyed a lye in.
With lunches bought and sun cream applied,
It was of to Eden Camp to find out how WW2 soldiers died.

We walked through museums, and saw planes from the Royal Air Force,
We watched puppet shows and played on the assault course.
Camp Eden was a brilliant experience to share,
We also had our lunch whilst we were there.

Next stop Scarborough and down to the beach we rolled,
When Mr P went ‘Facebook Live’ the drama began to unfold.
The tide came in quick and Danny G was caught out,
‘Where is my mobile?’ we could hear Sophie shout.

We walked to Sea Life where two groups we did pick,
The boys went with a hairy bloke and the girls with a Scouse chick.
We viewed sharks, turtles and penguins too,
Then we raided the gift show as we were now accustomed to do.

Then down to the sea front where the amusements did call,
Some were conservative with their money, some spent it all.
Our mate Harry Ramsden cooked us dinner that night,
Then unto the beach for a ‘forbidden’ water fight.

We packed our cases that night and cleared the upheaval,
Then up the next morning to visit York Minster Cathedral.
The architecture was magnificent, it blew us away,
Mr Wilson was in heaven – this was his favourite day.

Some last minute purchases before we gave York the chop,
The adults went and found a nice coffee shop.
Cases re-opened, Tshirts, souvineers and teddies packed in,
The last leg of our trip was about to begin.

Mr P and Mrs Pyper reminisced on the trip,
‘It’s all went so smoothly – there hasn’t been as much as a slip’
They spoke too soon though and it wasn’t before long,
At the final hurdle something went wrong!

Georgia lost her passport at the final security check,
Mrs Pyper couldn’t believe it, her jaw hit the deck.
Although it never turned up, thankfully we were allowed beyond,
My theory is it had something to do with Philip’s new wand!

On reflection this week was a massive success,
It was definitely worth all the organisational stress.
As teachers we want to thank the P6/7 crew,
Their banter and behaviour contributed to how quick the week flew.

Having read this you probably think you know all about our residential,
But I hate to break it – a lot still remains confidential.
If you see your child give a subtle stroke of their nose,
Be assured they have info that they will NEVER disclose.

by Mr P


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