Convenient, Family-focused Support

At Ben Madigan, every day can become a productive and enjoyable day for both parents and pupils, with parents being reassured that their children are being cared for in a pleasant environment by friendly staff. We fully understand the demands of busy family life and offer hardworking parents superb day care options from 8am until late evening, including:

  • Breakfast Club
    Ease your child into the school day and keep motivation levels up, with a healthy, nutritious breakfast to fuel the activities of the day ahead.

  • After-School Clubs
    Boredom is never an issue, thanks to our wide range of fun and activity-packed clubs. With an exciting variety of teacher-led and external activities on offer, Ben Madigan is a safe, secure, welcoming place to relax, practice new skills, develop talents and make new friends.

The supervision, safety and well being of each child are priorities and we ensure an adequate staff/ pupil ratio is  maintained at all times. “My two children adore the breakfast club and after-school activities. They thrive on the extra chance to talk and play with their friends and have begun to master some great new life skills.  I feel reassured that they are safe and enjoying themselves while I get on with my working day.”